This is the web site of System Designer and DSPE

System Designer is a software framework for developing domain-specific languages based on model-driven code-generation techniques.

The Digital Stream-Processing Environment (DSPE) is a development environment featuring a visual domain-specific language for designing and implementing stream-processing and signal-processing applications. DSPE has been developed with System Designer and supports multi-core processors and hardware accelerators.


The following projects contributed or are contributing to the development of SystemDesigner and DSPE:

2013 – 2015: PhysicalÖrgeli (CTI project) – physical-modelling of schwyzerörgeli and accordions.

2012 – 2015 : HELM (FP7 EU project): – high-frequency electro-magnetic technologies for advanced processing of ceramic matrix composites and graphite expansion.

2010 – 2013: Parallel Streams (CTI project) – hybrid embedded hardware and software architecture for parallel processing and rendering of high-definition audio signals using multi/many-cores.

2010 – 2013: OMEGA (private funds) – development and pilot implementation of novel tools for integrated biological image analysis on multi-cores and GPUs.

2010 – 2013: MOTEL (SUPSI project) – mobility-enabled wireless sensor network test beds.

2010 – 2012: PROMO (CTI project) – proximity marketing solution for mobile phones.

2010:  Multi-Scale on GPU (ICIMSI feasibility study) – parallel GPU image processing for multi-scale computing.

2008 – 2011: MEDEIA (FP7 EU project) – model-driven embedded systems design environment for the industrial automation sector.

2007 – 2009: GeMiCo (CTI project) generated micro codes for speakers VLSI.

2005 – 2007: InMoViS (CTI project) – integrated modular vision system.

2005 – 2008: CEC (FP6 EU project) – custom, environment and comfort made shoe.

2005 – 2007: Audio DSP EXT (private funds) – rapid prototyping tool for audio application (enhancements).

2003 – 2005: Audio DSP (CTI International project) – rapid prototyping tool for audio application.

2002 – 2003: DiSciPlinE-1 (CTI project) – active adaptive digital loudspeaker with optimization filter.