This is the web site of System Designer and DSPE

System Designer is a software framework for developing domain-specific languages based on model-driven code-generation techniques.

The Digital Stream-Processing Environment (DSPE) is a development environment featuring a visual domain-specific language for designing and implementing stream-processing and signal-processing applications. DSPE has been developed with System Designer and supports multi-core processors and hardware accelerators.

Getting Started

After installing and configuring DSPE, you can follow these simple instructions to start designing and generating your stream processing applications:

First of all, start Eclipse and open the System Designer perspective (Window->Open Perspective->Other...).  The System Designer perspective provides all the relevant views and toolbars of DSPE. Furthermore, when you open the System Designer perspective, the DSPE model and all its generators will be loaded and made ready for use.


You then have the possibility to import DSPE Systems (for instance the Audio n-Genie components). Do this by clicking File->Import->General->Existing Projects into Workspace. While importing them, systems will appear in the System Explorer of the System Designer perspective. If Eclipse auto-build is on, they’ll be validated just after finishing importing them.

Alternatively, it is possible to create new Systems and new Definitions (instances of the DSPE model) by using the creation wizards available on the System Designer toolbar or menus. Model instances may be then edited through their specific visual or form editor.

The System Explorer is the main access point of the functionality provided by DSPE. It allows you to navigate DSPE’s model instances and to operate on them. By right clicking on it, you’ll enable the contextual menu containing all actions for wizards, validation, generation and refactoring. By double clicking on Definitions you’ll instead open their specific editor.


In the System Explorer you have the possibility to launch source code generation too. In 99% of the situations you’ll need to generate a whole system by right clicking on it and selecting the action “Generate”. This will consequently create the required C projects populated by the needed source code and compilation dependencies. All of the generated projects are accessible through the Project Explorer on the right of the System Explorer in the System Designer perspective.

While designing applications, please follow the advices provided by the validation support. Red crosses and yellow exclamation marks will appear in the System Explorer, specific editors, the Outline and further relevant views. Validation advices provide you useful information about lacks, errors, inconsistencies and warnings of model instances you are creating and editing.

These simple instructions should help you getting started. More information will be provided as soon as possible. Please also refer to the Eclipse help and Eclipse web-site for more information on the Eclipse Workbench and on the Eclipse C/C++ IDE. DSPE provides a specialized model and source code generators. All the functionality to edit, compile and debug source code is part of further Eclipse features with their own web-site and documentations.