This is the web site of System Designer and DSPE

System Designer is a software framework for developing domain-specific languages based on model-driven code-generation techniques.

The Digital Stream-Processing Environment (DSPE) is a development environment featuring a visual domain-specific language for designing and implementing stream-processing and signal-processing applications. DSPE has been developed with System Designer and supports multi-core processors and hardware accelerators.

Audio n-Genie

Audio n-Genie is an extension of DSPE made of specific software components and source-code generators, that support the development of audio applications. Audio n-Genie’s project started in 2002 with requirements for tools to speed-up development of embedded audio applications. By looking at code of some candidate audio applications, repetitive structures of the software architecture were identified to allow their automatic generation.


Audio n-Genie components are available on the download page.

Currently available components includes:

  • wrapper components for libsoundfile: allow to read and write information from/to audio files. For more information about libsoundfile please consult
  • wrapper components for PortAudio: allow to play and record audio to/from sound cards. For more information about PortAudio please consult

Audio N-Genie components have to be used with DSPE. Please consult the FAQ for instructions about the installation.